We are more than scientists...

  • MEBM journal


Dear Readers,

The “We are more than scientists…” section of our first MEBM issue attracted a lot of attention and encouraged us to continue with this, a little bit out of the ordinary, concept for a scientific journal. We hope that you will equally appreciate our second attempt to portrait us as more than scientists.

The inspiration for this issue’s theme came from two lines of thinking. The first is that the fascination with the world around us is something, I believe, all scientists carry within themselves from the earliest age. The ideas and concepts that originate in young unbiased minds are often surprisingly innovative and original. On the other hand, the love for science comes early as well. By giving the kids educational tours of our labs, organizing workshops in schools and simply talk about our routine work days, we can influence their future and sway at least some of them into scientific career. So, one of our little artists and, hopefully, a future scientist is the star of this issue of MEBM. I hope that you will enjoy in his drawing and perception of our work.   




Zorana Grubic, Editor