Molecular and Experimental Biology in Medicine (MEBM) is the official peer-reviewed Journal of the Croatian Society of Biologists in Health Care (CROBIH) with support of Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. MEBM is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal published two times per year with no author processing fees.



Molecular and Experimental Biology in Medicine publishes full-length, original, basic and clinical research articles, reviews, case reports as well as articles describing new or improved relevant methods covering molecular and cell biology, molecular diagnostics in medicine, experimental biology, expression studies, in vitro studies, reproductive biology, genetic engineering and gene therapy, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, cytogenetic and genomic diagnostic tools in human genetics, cancer genetics, and related areas. The journal's scope includes understanding the genetic and functional mechanisms in aetiology of different types of diseases. Research areas also include: studies of the genetics, genomics, polymorphism, evolution, and population distribution of different genes, studies of the expression, structure and function of the gene products involved in various disease. In addition, emphasis is on understanding the processes triggering or underlying the development of diseases in humans. The Journal is also interested in the development of new laboratory methods and novel therapy approaches in medicine.